Why Data is driving Net Zero

Data is the not-so-secret ingredient to helping businesses to a Carbon Neutral state and beyond.   The more data that is gathered the better.  The reason for this is simple.  The data is the story behind each individual businesses journey.  It investigates the past and the current state and will paint a clear picture of the good, bad and ugly of your emissions.  We can take the factors such as car milage, electricity consumption and model this use over and agreed period of time, i.e. 5 years.  This information is then calculated against the emissions data to show the organisations carbon footprint.  This all sounds very simple however the important part is what is then done with this data.   The situation we find ourselves in now is that we have the consumption information, the carbon footprint size however this needs to be used in a way that helps a business. 

To action this data, the outcomes and the benefit to the business comes down to the skills of the consultants and more importantly, the willingness of the business to embrace change. 

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