There are benefits of being carbon neutral for individuals and businesses.

Here at Carbon Neutral Group, we believe that supporting businesses on this journey is one of the most important tasks

What Factors Drive Businesses to Reduce Emissions and What Are the Benefits?

The most obvious benefit is that you as a business are doing your part in understanding and helping to mitigating climate change

By reducing the carbon emissions of your business, you are doing your part in helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. While just your business becoming carbon neutral won't stop climate change, it will take a global effort to stop it. 

Enhanced business reputation:

Companies that commit to carbon neutrality are demonstrating their leadership, responsibility, and accountability. In most cases, this demonstration enhances business reputation with consumers, investors and stakeholders helping your business to develop its brand loyalty, trust, and competitiveness. 

Cost savings and efficiency improvements:

Implementing energy-efficient practices into your day-to-day business practices can help your business to see cost savings over time. By reducing energy consumption and optimising your business's efficiency, you can lower utility bills and operational expenses. 

Regulatory and Risk Management:

Taking the steps now will help to keep you ahead of any regulations that get brought in by governments worldwide. Helping to reduce any risks you may face due to climate change, any fines, penalties, or legal liabilities because of regulations brought in by Governments. Not only are the business problems mentioned previously climate change may cause your business problems. Increased climate change is affecting ingredients or materials for products, disrupting transportation methods etc etc and doing your bit to reduce the impacts facing your supply chain and the rest of the globe. 

Opening new clients: 

With your business having a strong green plan, strategy and being carbon neutral, you will find that more business will be open to doing business with you.  Today we are seeing that the businesses that have or are being impacted by TCFD or SECR regulations are asking their supply chain for details on a carbon strategy.  If your business is already doing this, then it automatically opens doors for you.


Customer Sustainability Expectations

E.ON’s Renewable Returns report has identified that since Covid-19 consumers are becoming more aware of the environment in their purchasing decisions and holding businesses to account.

Employee Retention

Employee retention increases when business take ownership of their climate impact. 

Analysis of 1.6 million UK employee survey comments by Peakson’s revealed that climate change and environmental challenges are now among the top concerns being expressed to bosses.

Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting drives

Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR) is a legal requirement for larger organisations, making your climate impact visible to investors. 

There is a very high probability this type of requirement will filter through to all businesses in the near future – this is your chance to get ahead. 

Access to Emerging Markets

Business all around the world want to be seen to be promoting their green behaviours. Carbon Neutral Group can advise on key business changes to demonstrate when proposing work to new businesses. By considering the processes and practises your business employs, change will inevitably happen as you move towards net zero. This opens new opportunity and markets to continue to develop your business. 

New Business Tenders

Corporate Social Responsibility - Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) criteria and B Corporation certification are becoming the new benchmark by which companies measure social and environmental impact and are a requirement for many organisations as they start to track full product lifecycle environmental impacts.


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