Our Carbon Management Solutions: From Calculation to Reduction

Each business has a unique carbon footprint.  To understand what this is and how it is created, we need to understand how your business works and what generates your emissions.  We look to collect data from Scopes 1, 2 and most of Scopes 3 (this is for the operational side of the business, the rest of Scopes 3 is collected during the supplier engagement process). All the data calculations use the GHG protocol and are approved by the UK government and we can ensure that we are 100% accurate before the emissions figures are shared with you. 

Carbon Calculations

Carbon Calculations are needed to help a business to understand its carbon footprint.  The Calculations are broken down for each of the emissions scopes.  Once a business has an idea of what their carbon footprint is for each area or for the total amount, they can then start to look at ways to reduce it.  To get a total footprint calculation you would need to cover all aspects of Scope 1, 2 and 3 however for a business who is starting their journey this might be a little daunting as in Scope 3 there are 15 sections that need to be factored in.

For a business starting their journey, we would recommend looking at the emissions created by your business operations. This would be to gather information from Scope 1 & 2 and part of 3.  The reason why we do this is so we can understand your business and where we can start to make reductions.  The areas we gather data from in scope 3 are, water (consumption and treatment) home working, commuting, business travel, hotels, transmission, and distribution of electricity.

We would recommend a separate strategy that looks at the wider Scope 3 requirements and how your business articulates their message to the supply chain.  This may need to articulate, what you are doing, where they fit in the journey, where they can help and what you need from them.  This also includes timescales so they know when you will be asking key questions.  For more information see, supplier engagement.


Carbon Reporting

From the data that we have collected and the GHG calculations that we have used to get the emissions figures, the team at Carbon Neutral Group use ISO methodology to give you a clear report on your emissions.  The report is broken down into each scope and sub-area.  The report can be the basis of any internal and external communication and it can be used to help you with any emission decision-making that you and the business wish to undertake.

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Carbon Reduction Strategies

 A Carbon Reduction Strategy is a way that a business explains how it will be reducing their emissions.  It can state the current emission levels, highlight high risk areas and then it can set out reduction goals, targets, measurements, timeframes and reporting.  This can be achieved through, making processes more efficient, changing products or services that the organisation uses and a longer term approach of changing the behaviour of the people within the organisation.  

Once the plan is in place, the goals and the targets are key.  This shows that the organisation is making progress on their emissions or if not, they can make a change to their plan to ensure success. 


Sustainability Plan

A sustainability plan is a guide that sets clear, measurable and realistic objections to improve and organisation sustainability and achieve its goals over time.   The main purpose of the plan is the embed ESG and Sustainability across the organisation and within the business operations.  

The plan should include key areas such as the company mission statement, core values, vision for the business, the underpinning principles of how this is going to be achieved, what the priority areas are for the business, the key impacting areas (i.e. energy consumption, changing behaviours and attitudes and finally what is the business going to do to support these initiatives.  

If you are already working with the community, helping with social value and tackling their carbon footprint, this can be documented.   

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Emission Dashboards

Carbon Neutral Group has emissions dashboards that can help to track your emissions.  The dashboards will allows you to see the emissions for each scope over a month, quarter or year(s). This view allows you to plan and implement reduction strategies and model the impact of the reductions.  This can be expanded to include your supply chain emissions to give you a clear picture of where in your supply chain has the most emissions and where you need to focus or change supplier.   

Supplier engagement is key as the supply chain is responsible for the majority of organisations' emissions.  The reason for this and why it is important to tackle is that, as a business, you decide who your suppliers are.  As part of the decision-making process in the future, you will be reviewing or choosing suppliers on their quality of service, the price and their carbon footprint.  As you choose the supplier to supply you, you are ultimately responsible for their footprint.    

The first step in the process is to let the suppliers know your plans.  We work with your marketing and procurement teams to start to compile a list of the suppliers to your business.  From here, we can email or hold an event/webinar for the suppliers to learn about the project where they fit in and what might be required from them.  We have found that the client gets far better results at a faster rate if the suppliers are engaged.


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