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Carbon Neutral Group is proud to facilitate an initiative to help you plant and grow your own corporate forest.

This forest is a great part of your corporate responsibility, carbon offsetting requirement and be a fantastic part of your brand advertising.  This tree plantation could be for your business, your team or on behalf of your customers. 

We believe that our pricing model of 50p per tree, enables a business of any size to have their own forest.  For any plantation project, the business will receive a certificate for the trees and we can work with you to build an online map of your corporate forest. 

The trees that we plant on your behalf are spread across Africa change lives. We are taking ‘The Forest Garden Approach’. By embracing sustainable land practices, farmers are reclaiming their agency, breaking the cycles of climate change and generational poverty, and rebuilding our food systems from the ground up. All of this is making a bright future for us all.

  • The local team are helping farmers to succeed
  • Farmers are trained for 4 years
  • Fast growing trees are planted to help with soil regeneration
  • Dozens of fruit trees and vegetables are planted for the farmers to eat and sell
  • Farmers & communities are helped as a whole
  • African focus: Senegal, Mali, Uganda, Kenya & Tanzania

Your investment helps you, helps communities and changes lives.

50p A tree goal and developement breakdown


Why not drop us a note and start your journey to be Net Zero? Contact the team now to discuss your needs

If you need support with your organisations environmental ambitions, please drop us a note by filling in the online form and we can arrange a call with one of our team of sustainability experts to discuss how we can help.