Plastic Free Working

Going plastic free for a month or longer is a great move for any business.  It may sound hard but I am sure we can all agree it would be worth it.  To go plastic free in your office you would need to think about the following areas, some might not be popular as it a change from the norm and what is easy however once the move is made, the office will be a far greener environment. 

The use of reusable water bottles.  This is popular alternative to the one time use bottles that we used to see people carrying about.  To help promote this, why not look at offering your team free reusable bottles that has your corporate logo on.  This way, you get free advertising each time a team member uses them outside the workplace. 

Coffee mugs are now more popular than ever.  Most companies don’t tend to use the old paper/plastic cup.  You could have corporate mugs with your logo or brand on them, or why not have a crazy mug incentive to get the team to bring in their favourite mug.  Anything is better than one time cups.

Office cutlery may sounds like an odd suggestion however think about it this way.  A team member has been active in bringing in or making their lunch in the office.  They haven’t brought in anything to eat it with, their only real choice (apart from using their fingers) is to nip to the local shop to buy a plastic knife and fork.  By having your own (business owned) then this mitigates the issue and less plastic in the office. 

Paperless environment sounds idyllic.  We know that sometimes if you are working on a project there is the temptation to print it out, review it, mark it for changes and then progress from there.  With digital communication, document sharing technology and document marking, this really cuts down the need to print out any projects/documents or emails.  Data storage is at a point where the old filing cabinets full of paper is not longer relevant.  Dinosaurs died out so why not let our reliance on paper documents do the same?  

Recycling, there will always been a need to recycling in offices no matter how efficient we believe we are.  Buy a bins for certain waste.  We see these in most spaces now.  Organic waste, what can be recycled and what needed to be disposed of.  Why not reach out to a local recycling business to see how they can help.

Plastic free July is upon us so why not take their challenge, but don’t forget to email our team with your success stories!!!  Happy plastic free July

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