Climate Action Week

Climate Action Week is one of the most frustrating terms I could imagine. The United Nations have already said the current projections are the planted temperature will rise by 2.7 degrees Celsius by the turn of the century. We need Climate Action all the time. In needs to be part of our DNA when making decisions about what we do.

But Climate Action Week is a media sensation. And any publicity is good publicity. So we have decided whilst Climate Action week is underway by ITV, we will offer 70% off the first months For You subscription.

What is the For You subscription?

Quite simply its a way to fund projects that benefit the environment. In the UK the average person generates around 12 tonnes of CO2 per year. There will obviously be people who do more, and people that do less.

So the For You subscription funds projects that results in 12 tonnes of CO2 being either absorbed or prevented from entering the atmosphere. This is known as offsetting.

The range of projects is far reaching, from reforestation of Yorkshire, providing energy efficient stoves to developing countries, through to utilising waste bio mass to generate cleaner energy that also boosts local economies. The projects we support at Carbon Neutral Group are always verified to global standards such as Verra, Gold Standard and the United Nations. This is so we are confident the projects deliver the benefits to our environment.

What about trees?

We all went to school and learnt about photosynthesis. The basics are right, trees absorb CO2, so the more trees the more CO2 absorption right? Absolutely, but for trees to sequester CO2, they need to be mature, that’s why we do both.

Every For You subscriber, we not only offset 12 tonnes of Carbon per year, in addition, we also plant 12 trees. All of our trees are planted in Europe, and we are working on an exciting plan to dedicate out trees to be planted in the United Kingdom.

Isn’t this just Greenwashing?

In order for us to achieve the ambition to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, everyone needs to take responsibility to become Carbon Neutral.

Step 1 has to be reduce your impact, and we work with partners and businesses to make changes to operations to reduce emissions.

Step 2 is to offset what you cant reduce.

If people just focus on offsetting, then they aren’t taking full responsibility, we have to reduce AND offset.


Climate Action Week is a great way to raise awareness, but being aware of our impact on the climate should be a fundamental part of our DNA.

We need to reduce our Carbon Footprint, but these changes have to be lasting benefits to the environment.

The Carbon Neutral Group subscriptions will fund projects that reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere through verified projects. The subscription also funds projects that absorb CO2 from the atmosphere. Finally, each personal subscription includes trees being planted in Europe that is in addition to the Carbon benefits.

And all this for less than a TV streaming service!

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