Carbon Production - Nations stats

As much as we look at individual businesses, their emissions and ways to reduce, this number in comparison to a Nations emissions is tiny.  The emissions for the nation are made up from all aspects from travel, manufacturing through to healthcare.  Unsurprisingly, the largest emission producers are China, the United States, India and Russia.  China emissions are still increasing and we have seen an extra 300m tonnes added to their annual production of emissions since 20120.   With this in mind, they might be the country that produces that most emissions and in top counties to do so over the last few years, however the United States has been the largest producer of emissions ever with an estimate production of over 400 billion metric tonnes (calculated from 1750 onwards)

Carbon Dioxide Emission in 2010 and 2021 (in million metric tonnes)


2010 - 8,671

2021 - 11,472

United States

2010 - 5,681

2021 - 5,007


2010 - 1,676

2021 - 2,710


2010 - 1,626

2021 - 1,756


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