Carbon Offsetting…Coral?!

Carbon offsetting can take several forms.  The first reaction is, Carbon offsetting is all about planting trees. Yes, tree plantation is a big part of this and is a great way to absorb the carbon emissions however it is not the only way. 

There are schemes to plant and grow coral.  Offsetting your carbon by coral can lead to more benefits than people think.  The shelter created by these coral colonies make reefs a vibrant biodiversity hotspot where coral, fish, algae, and hundreds of other species live together in a bustling ecosystem.  Coral has been referred to as the rainforest of the sea.  This is because of the many types of marine animals that depend on it, the oxygen it produces and of course the thousands of people that rely on it as a sustainable food source.  This wont be for the coral itself but more for the fish and other marine life that depend on it. 

We are seeing the development of coral reefs as a key way to help fight climate change.  This is both indirectly and directly.  If you are interested in more information on the work that Carbon Neutral Groups does with marine organisations, please contact us.  This is a fantastic way not just to offset your carbon but help the Oceans.  


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