Carbon Offsetting – when do you offset?

The team at Carbon Neutral Group often work and consult our clients on when to offset their carbon.  Many clients are in a rush to offset their emissions so that they can be seen as Carbon Neutral.  That is great for them and their business strategy but is that right for everyone? 

As we partner with our clients, one of the main areas we work on is, understanding their business and their goals.  As part of this work, we often review if they need to offset their carbon they create.  This conversation can be surprising for clients as many see this as an obvious step in their journey to Net Zero.  One thing to remember for this is that to meet and achieve the ‘Carbon Neutral’ status, you need to review and offset your carbon each year. This can hit the businesses bottom line as it will be seen as a new cost to the firm. On that basis a business decision needs to be made about the commitment that you as a business is going to make.  We do say that offsetting in your first year may seem like a great idea however, have you really understood your baseline emissions?  Do you know your ‘high risk’ emission areas and the strategy around these? 

Offsetting is a great thing do to and no one at CNG will say otherwise however we must see it as what it is, a commitment not a badge. CNG will always want to work with you to meet your individual goals however our consultants will give you the best advice according to what your net zero looks like.


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