Carbon Offsetting Benefits  

Carbon offsetting has a fantastic benefit to societies in need, the planet and for your business.  Carbon offsetting is done by organisations who are looking at projects from building hydro dams through to tree plantation projects.  The idea behind them is that they are working on projects to help reduce carbon or in some cases absorb the carbon from the atmosphere.  In exchange for the amount reduced or absorbed, businesses pay to offset the carbon that they produce. 


Some of the carbon projects that we work with and sponsor large projects such as wind turbines or hydro dams.  The benefit of these being built is two fold.  Firstly, by focusing on renewable energy, yes there is the initial carbon and financial cost to build them but that is then it.  The carbon cost is now focused on the operations of the plant to keep it working.  It also takes away any desire to build a fossil fuel energy plant.  Here we have the carbon cost to build the plant but then the carbon created by burning the fossil fuel. The second benefit it the jobs created.  There is work for those involved in building the plants but also for those involved in the maintenance of the project.  We see the benefit for the community in a double positive manner, jobs for people in the area and clean energy for them to use.  This is a specific case of where your Carbon Offsetting money goes too however the projects can and do vary but all have a positive impact. 

The Planet

Every ounce of carbon that is removed or is taken out of circulation by a project is beneficial to the world.  The Carbon Offsetting programme is designed to allow businesses to offset their operations against projects that will benefit the planet, regardless of the micro or macro impact.  The benefits you and your business offsetting their carbon is that you are directly funding change.  As discussed in the above paragraph, the official carbon offsetting programmes to enable change and positive actions in the world that are felt locally and globally. 

The more we focus on green objectives and less reliance on fossil fuels, from powering our homes and cars, through to how we manufacture and how we deal with our waste the more the planet will benefit.  This means that it is great that we are taking certain items seriously such as green power however what are we doing to protect the planet from our waste?  It has been reported that we have found human rubbish at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.  This means that we have polluted the air, the water and deepest parts of the Ocean.  The Carbon Offsetting projects and partners have a goal to ensure that our oceans are cleaned and we are planting more trees to absorb the carbon that our way of living is creating. 

Your Business

Once a business as worked out their emissions, you can then use methods to reduce the carbon in your operations and supply chain and what is left over you can then offset.  If you are choosing to be a Carbon Neutral business with Net Zero goals, then Carbon Offsetting is a great way to meet the final hurdle and offset the remaining carbon.   Recent statics have shown that people are more likely to want to trade with you if you are Carbon Neutral and have a positive ethical message.  Staff retention rates are higher too.  People want to be part of and to be seen working for a business that is making the right decisions from a green perspective.  If you consider that recruiting a new team member may cost a business £5k-£7k if not more and compare that with a Carbon baseline assessment and offsetting cost  (approx. £3-£6k) shows how quickly a green message and direction will have on a business.  Carbon Baseline assessments and all the options around Carbon Offsetting can be confusing.  Contact our team for more advice and we can talk you through all the options you have. 


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