Baseline Report

Our detailed baseline report gives you information on your consumption on your Scope 1 & 2 emissions.  This is broken down into subsections of each scope to give you detail around each emission area. The idea here is that this gives the reader the information around your consumption per item and its related footprint. 

This detailed breakdown means that the reader can understand the peaks, troughs and review a spike in consumption.  For example, this could be a spike in water usage for a month due to a leaking pipe.  This can be reported in the findings, and we can calculate the impact of the water leak in terms of finance and the associated footprint. Working in partnership with you to get the full story of the event, we can then document the incident with the footprint data and include that in the report. 

A baseline report for an NHS Trust or a healthcare organisation will be different to a corporate business. In healthcare they have to consider items such as aesthetic gases but will have to report on the same fugitive gases such as refrigeration and air conditioning the same as a corporate business.


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