Carbon Neutral Group is a sustainability consultancy business offering clients a full 360 degree service.

We can…

Help you understand and meet your sustainability goals

Provide customised advisory services and support to guide your sustainability journey

Suggest Carbon Offsetting options to address your environmental responsibility

Plan and develop a framework to achieve your business goals, meet your budgets and your emissions targets

Make delivering Net Zero simple through our sustainable 3 stage approach

Stage 1 - Understand

  • Where are you today?
  • What is your Carbon impact?
  • What are your reporting obligations?
  • What are your climate risks and opportunities?
  • How can we help you develop a robust plan suitable for your organisation?

Stage 2 - Strategy

  • Set your carbon reduction strategy
  • Develop your Net Zero targets
  • Transform your organisational design & culture
  • Shout about your accomplishments

Stage 3 - Transform

  • Transform your business to be an industry leader on the transition to a low-carbon economy.
  • Manage and track your data, measure and report on progress with our Advance Carbon Management Platform (ACM)
  • Balance your impact through climate transformation programmes aligned to your organisational values
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